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Virtual Online Visit

  Online Visits for Medical Problems Through MARTIN DERMATOLOGY

At MARTIN DERMATOLOGY, we know how busy our patients are and how difficult it may sometimes be to leave work or school and come to the doctor’s office.  Your “Online Visit” is similar to your in-office appointments and is available when you need it most!

MARTIN DERMATOLOGY can consult on literally thousands of different skin, hair or nail conditions that require attention but are not an emergency.

Benefits of the Virtual Visit

  • You are getting “virtually examined” by MARTIN DERMATOLOGY, a board certified dermatology office.
  • You can set up an appointment for yourself or any of your dependents.
  • PRESCRIPTIONS are “e-scribed” directly to the pharmacy of your choice as a result of the visit and you can go directly to the pharmacy for pickup.
  • AFFORDABLE rates:  We charge a flat $59.00 per online visit which is paid by credit card and at the time you submit your visit.
  • You may download our APP from the App Store or Google Play™!

How does the MARTIN DERMATOLOGY Virtual Visit Work?

By CLICKING on the ONLINE VISIT button, you will be taken to our Online Visit Center where you will accomplish the following simple steps:

  1. Create a new account or Login to your existing Account
  2. Provide medical history information, medications and allergies
  3. Provide information about the condition of which you seek consultation
  4. Upload Photos from your cell phone
  5. Pay for the visit

After you have completed payment, the Online Consultation will be sent to MARTIN DERMATOLOGY where we will review all of the information and render a diagnosis and treatment plan, and prescriptions where indicated.

Frequent Questions regarding the Online Visit

  • Is the visit covered by my insurance?
    • Not usually, but you can check with your insurer.
  • Can I do my online visit at anytime I want?
    • Yes
  • How soon can I expect a diagnosis and treatment
    • Typically within 48 – 72 hours at the most.
    • Sometimes we will respond with questions that we would like you to provide the answers to or request for additional photos, and of course, this may take longer….but you know you are being cared for!
  • What if I need a skin biopsy or In-Office Procedure?
    • You will be told that an an appointment will be scheduled for you.
    • Yes, additional charges would apply in that event, and yes, your insurance would cover the visit as it usually does given your particular policy.
  • Are my Health Information and photos secure?
    • Yes!  Our Online platform is secure and 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant



Get Online Care in 3 Simple Steps:

Whether you are starting your virtual visit through our online system or by using one of our mobile dermatology apps, it’s a simple process:

Create Account Provide details about your skin condition and medical history.
Upload Photos Take photos of your current condition and upload to our secure platform.
Get Treatment Receive a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

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