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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Sandy Martin was born in New York and took his college coursework at Tulane University and University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida. He graduated with a double major in biology and chemistry. He went to Medical School at the University Of Miami and did a straight medical internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital. After this, he completed his dermatology residency training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

He was chief resident at Baylor in 1980, after which time he began his private practice of dermatology. Dr. Martin also went to Law School where he graduated at the top of his class, summa cum laude.

Dr. Martin is a well published medical and legal scholar. He published a variety of scientific peer reviewed journal articles, chapters in textbooks and in fact was co-author of what he believes was the first dermatology textbook on skin of color, entitled “An Atlas of Black Dermatology.” Dr. Martin concentrates on disease of aging skin, including diagnosing skin cancers and other skin lesions, and various techniques designed to improve the esthetic appearance of the skin.

In 2013 and 2014, 2015, 2016 AND 2017, Dr. Martin was chosen one of the “Top Doctors” by Gulfshore Life Magazine and also is listed as a “Top Doctor” in U.S. News Report.

The Sweetest Office Manager!


Caryn has been Dr. Martin’s manager for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Florida Atlantic University. She has participated in the startup of several dermatology practices and a dental practice and has seen medical practice develop from the time when medical records were a few short scribbles on a piece of paper to the current time, when the government regulation of medical practices has taken over.

Caryn is well versed and skilled in insurance matters, Medicare, HMO’s and the computer wizardry that links all of the various parts together.

Caryn will train new employees and get her hands dirty whenever she needs to. She is the final arbiter of most financial difficulties that arise, so if you feel there is a problem, just explain things to Caryn and she will do her best to make things right. We all realize that mistakes occur by all parties and she is here to correct any mistakes.

Caryn has 3 grown children, all boys. Plus Dr. Martin…and that makes 4!

What A Nurse!


LINNETTE is a medical assistant and full time assistant to our new Dermatology Physician Assistant, HENRY RUIZ PA-C and to Dr. Martin. She is is devoted to the office and to MARTIN DERMATOLOGY’s patients. LINNETTE works with the computer technology and your prescriptions and she also helps with your prior authorizations required by your insurance companies. She is frequently involved with discussing your biopsy results with you or helping you with your medications.

LINNETTE will be more than happy to try to resolve any problems or issues you have so feel free to call and ask for her!



NATASHA is our most experienced dermatology Medical Assistant and has been with Dr. Martin for years now. Natasha is capable of dealing with and answering most any question or issue that arises as far as reinforcing therapies and treatments. She is in training to become the Office Manager so is now expanding her horizons to the difficult insurance issues and billing issues that inevitably arise in a medical practice comprised of a wide variety of payors and contractees.

So, NATASHA has learned to juggle multiple different computers, computer programs, appointment scheduling, and her doctor all at the same time! She does this, and you can hear in her voice and see in her face when you meet her, with her natural warmth and grace. It is not difficult to see that she is a warm caring person!

Natasha is a trained esthetician and also answers questions relating to the cosmetic care and function of the skin. So, if you have problems or concerns that you would like another person in our office to assist you with, ask for Natasha!



We wouldn’t want to leave out MONIQUE, another one of our wonderful front desk office and medical assistants. Monique has been with Martin Dermatology for over a year and is generally found at the front desk or answering the telephone. Monique assists patients with appointments and helps determine accurate financial responsibilities. Monique has a little boy growing up at home and had a baby just a few months ago. She is devoted to the office and is a CNA who is learning to be a medical assistant. Congratulations to her and her wonderful family!!

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