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Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments


Myths and Misconceptions

  • Dirt and makeup do NOT cause acne
  • Foods like pizza, chocolate, soda, french fries or hamburgers do NOT cause acne.
  • Stressors like passing an English exam, SATs, a driver’s test, being asked to the prom do NOT cause pimples.
  • Exfoliating, abrasive washing and “pimple popping” can make acne worse by irritating the already inflamed skin. Toners that dry the skin may also be irritating

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Acne does not develop because of your skin type or color. Acne is a condition that can affect both adolescents and adults. Everyone can get acne and most do. Acne comes in all different shapes and sizes. It is caused by oil production in the skin that may be linked to hormone production. The oil production in the skin blocks pores that are then vulnerable to irritation from bacteria, humidity, and certain cosmetics.

Excess oil production in the skin causes white and black heads. The black color you see is not dirt, but a pigment called melanin. If a white or black head becomes irritated by bacteria or swelling, a larger red pimple may appear. If you try to squeeze the pimple, or scrub it with soap, the sore may worsen.

Acne Treatment

Acne, if left untreated, can result in permanent scarring. Treatment options may include: topical creams, lotions or antibiotics to help unblock pores and reduce bacteria. Appropriate treatment may help restore confidence and improve self-esteem. It is important to advise the dermatologist exactly how acne makes you feel, both physically and mentally. Clearer skin is the first step to healthier skin.