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Your First Visit: Fill Out Your New Patient Form At Home Without a Printer!

We want your experience to be stress free. We would like to suggest that you LOG ON to:

Our UPDOX Patient Portal:CLICK HERE

and fill out the forms that are online without printing them out.  It is MUCH EASIER to do this way and does not require a printer!

In order to log on to the MARTIN DERMATOLOGY PATIENT PORTAL, you need: 1) username; and 2)a password.  If you have made an appointment and given us your EMAIL address, WE HAVE EMAILED you these credentials.  (Just follow the directions on the email.)

If you have not made an appointment but want to fill out the paperwork, please call our office and tell us that you are new to this office and would like us to set you up with a username and password and we will email you the information and link to the MARTIN DERMATOLOGY PATIENT PORTAL>.

Once on the PORTAL, Go to “FORMS”  and make your way through the simple forms!  No Printer Needed.

If you would prefer to fill out this form in the office, that’s fine too, but we’re sure you realize in this day and age that there is lots of information we need to collect, some for us, and some at the request of the government so please allow at least 30 minutes before your allotted time to complete the form in office.  It has important demographic, insurance and medical information questions so bring your insurance cards, drivers license, pharmacy name/address and phone number, and ALL of your medications.


Financial Matters

Payment is expected for all co-pays and deductibles at the time of the visit.

If you have no insurance or are covered by an insurance with which we do not participate, all fees must be paid at the time of visit. We accept payment by cash, check, VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Cosmetic or aesthetic services are not covered by any insurance company and we do not submit any insurance form. In addition, the receipt we give you will not allow you to collect from any insurer. These fees are payable in advance.


We participate in Medicare and all of the gap insurance secondary to Medicare Part B.

Martin Dermatology does its best to credential with your insurance company. Our list is always changing, sometimes more frequently than we have a chance to modify our website, so please call us to confirm your particular company.

Our List is Always Expanding:

  1. Medicare and the Secondary Gap insurance
  2. Railroad Medicare
  4. Aetna
  5. Cigna
  6. Humana
  7. Humana Medicare PPO
  8. Web TPA
  9. MultiPlan
  10. PHCS
  11. UHC (United HealthCare), but NOT their Medicare HMO
  12. UHC, including AARP Medicare Complete PPO *note:$70 copay
  13. Sorry, we DO NOT accept Medicaid…
How Much Does it Cost?

Feel free to call us at (239) 208-4408 prior to your visit for any questions. If, however, your question is “how much does it cost?” we hope you will wait for your visit to ask because quoting a price over the phone is like calling a new car dealer and asking them how much a new truck costs: there are so many variables that a quoted price is of little value. Our prices are always reasonable and competitive.

Laboratory Charges, or Will I Get an Additional Bill?

Dermatologists take skin biopsies routinely and regularly. At MARTIN DERMATOLOGY, these biopsies are sent to an outside laboratory who bills your insurance company if you have one. Whatever co-pay or deductible you have is something the Laboratory also has to deal with, and if there is additional money owed, the Laboratory will send you an additional bill. Please note that this is not OUR bill. It is the bill rendered by a separate physician for enormously important services on your behalf. If you have no insurance, you will be getting a bill from them.